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Our Story

Nineteen70Something is a brotherhood birthed.  Forged in the decades to follow, strengthened by loyalty and truth, Nineteen70Something is anchored in a culture of family, music and good bourbon.

Connecticut's own Bourbon Whiskey!!!

Owners - L to R top row - Obee Byrd, Paul Cannady, Dakar Franklin

                         Bottom row - Sean Dorantes

Our BOURBON's...

-Wheated (Black Label)- An unmatched visual appeal of deep mahogany calls to the discerning bourbon drinker. A single barrel, cask strength wheated bourbon that is a hidden gem of finely blended corn, winter wheat and malted barley, aged for three years in a spiral cut new charred oak barrel and bottled at 88 & 107 proof (premium).  Smooth, not overpowering and has an excellent finish.


-5 Grain (Copper Label) - A blend of corn, wheat, rye, malted barley and oats, aged for 5 years in a new charred oak barrel and bottled at 88 proof. On the nose you may catch fruit flavors of may kinds and on the palate you get a creamy oatmeal finish. Our 5 Grain is definitely a unique taste.  Simply delicious! 

-Traditional  (Silver Label)- A blend of corn, rye, malted barley, aged for 6 years and bottled at 90 proof in a new charred oak barrel.  With our Traditional bourbon you're going to get different spices on the palate and definitely a nice touch of cinnamon on the finish. If you like a tasty & spicy bourbon with a lil heat, this is the one for you!


Don’t let the proof fool you. Nineteen70Something Bourbons appeal to novices and aficionados with an interest in exploring the endless possibilities of the whiskey experience. Our small batch creations and single barrel spirits offer lovers of fine spirits the opportunity to expand their palate and knowledge whenever enjoying a pour of Nineteen70Something brands!


Celebrate the joys in life no matter what the day brings. Specially crafted and aged to be the perfect bourbon for all occasions. Follow your spirit and let it take you where your spirit desires.

Stay Glassy my friends! 



For those that like their N7S with a lil flavor!

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